How To Sleep To Win

I’m going to tell you how you can actually win in life and in business. You can make more money, perform at a higher level, be smarter, learn more, perform better physically and basically do better in anything you want, by sleeping more and sleeping better. That’s right. I’m going to explain some of the hardware that I use to get a night of better sleep, and how I objectively measure these experiments.

What I’m going to be sharing with you today isn’t just my opinion or some wispy things some gypsy told me. I like to measure things, and I like to be as scientific as possible. I also keep an open mind and test the things that some people think are fiction. I just see for myself what the data says and I often find some really interesting things.

When it comes to sleep, you’re probably thinking: “Why the hell would I want to sleep more? Isn’t sleeping for losers?” Or you may think that people who are successful don’t really sleep at all. If you’re going to be successful, why would you sleep more? Doesn’t sleeping mean you’re lazy? Why do you need any fancy gadgets for sleep?

Those are all good questions, and that’s what I used to think too. I used to think that sleep was for weak people or for lazy people, and really successful people basically didn’t sleep. I thought maybe they had three or four hours of sleep at most. So that became my philosophy. I gave it a try and it went horribly wrong. I started to become basically depressed, delusional and made a lot of errors. I found out that I was not performing very well. The most dangerous thing about a lack of sleep is that the more you need to sleep, the less you believe you need sleep. So there’s a vicious circle. Basically what happens is, the more sleep deprived you get, the less sleep you believe you need. But in reality, you actually need more sleep.

So a lot of people I’ve observed, really get stuck in this vicious loop. I’ve helped a lot of people perform better in business and make more money. And what’s amazing is that even at my quantum mastermind level, my highest level program where most of the people are making seven figures and eight figures, still, the number one thing we talk about is routine and sleep. It’s quite funny that sleep is often one of the things that we work on because it helps them make the most progress and get the best results. This is because, you as a human are a biological system, and your performance directly impacts the results you get. If you don’t perform very well, you won’t get very good results. If you perform really well, you will get really good results.

So how does one perform well? A lot of people focus on eating really well, taking supplements, and exercising, but when it comes to sleep they just neglect it. I can tell you, sleep is the most powerful variable to play with. I can tell you that if you sleep properly and improve your sleep, you will be smarter, you will perform better and you will get better results. There is always room for improvement when it comes to sleep. Just like learning a new tactic, focusing on sleep allows you to be smarter and come up with your own strategies.


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